Deerfield Golf Club-Newark, DE

       I don't believe there is “one way” to swing a golf club.  A golf swing is as individualistic as a fingerprint.  I believe that every student must learn how to make solid contact, learn how to get the ball to go toward their intended target and learn how to do so effortlessly with distance.  Learning how to hit a golf ball solid requires the correct concept; learning how to have the shaft learning forward at impact with a slightly descending angle of attack (irons) with the proper sequencing and rotation to aid such motions.  Each student should understand the essence of golf and learn how to score, not just how to swing.  With learning how to score they should learn how to manage the mental side of golf (Mental Toughness) and learn course management at all levels.  Teaching the short game is just as vital as the full swing if not more so.  Learning from the hole back to the tee is a great way to learn.

       It is important to create goals with each student both short and long-term. Goals are important to have so that we can create a blueprint or road map to evaluate success.  Using all 3 ways of learning (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) are vital to have a student understand what they are trying to accomplish.  I spend an equal amount of time with each student by working on the short game as well.  Putting accounts for almost half of the total score and I believe it is one of the most important elements of the game.  Knowing all of the different golf theory and systems are beneficial if you know when and how to use them.  If something is unorthodox but it works well, don’t change it.  This is why skill testing is extremely important.  My goal is to have every golfer lower their score, meet their goals, become more consistent, and have more fun in doing so at every level.